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Flood coverage is a coverage not provided in the standard fire policy of your association's insurance coverage. It must be purchased separately and it is a coverage that is both important and complex.

One great misconception of “flood Insurance” is that it is often confused with water damage, when a unit “floods” from a utility or appliance located within the association’s building.  Flood Insurance covers damages from water entering into the subject property from an outside source, such as rainstorm, tidal insurgence or other natural disasters. HOA boards can be frightened at the costs of flood insurance policies, but these policies provide an incredible protection should there be damage done by flooding to the association's property from natural disasters or other outside water sources.

There are a number of areas for HOAs to be mindful of with respect to flood insurance coverage, as ultimately it is the obligation of the HOA (if it is in a flood zone) to provide flood insurance coverage for the buildings located within applicable flood zones.

Some of these areas include, but are not limited to:



The complexities of a flood policy are numerous, and it's always important to ask your insurance agent if your community is in a flood zone and whether the coverage provided (if any) is compliant with regulations of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development lending regulations.